what was the name of jim morrison's dog?
2009-03-11 15:46:23 UTC
what was the name of jim morrison's dog?
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2009-03-12 13:59:09 UTC
Jim Morrison and his longtime girlfriend had a dog that they both owned named Sage. To me it looks like a German Shepard/Lab mix but I may have been wrong; I have been wondering about that for a while. Here is a picture of them together. In Jim's letters to his accountant he gives a large amount of money towards taking care of Sage. From what I have read, after Jim died and Pam was back in Los Angeles she continued to take care of Sage; in a way she clung to Sage (which is commonly done when someone's close companion dies and they both owned the dog) I also think that Sage was still alive when Pam died and was then taken care of by Pam's parents. Hopefully Sage lived a long, happy life with Pam's parents and is now with both Jim and Pam.

Jim was seen in a couple of pictures with a black lab. This wasn't his dog and was likely owned by one of the people associated with the band. I think I remember the dog being named Stoner. I am not sure of his owner. For some reason I am thinking he belonged to Bruce Botnick but I do not know if I have a logical reason for thinking this. Here is a picture of Jim and Stoner:

There are also pictures of Jim with a Doberman but that was also not his dog. Her name is Thor (I am assuming it is a female by the name) and was owned by Ray Manzarek's brother. Here is the picture:

I know it is off topic but I can't talk about dogs without talking about my own (sorry everyone). Here they are:

This is my dog that recently passed away. He's a Boston Terrier and I had him for 12 years. (puppy picture) (when he was older)

The other is my Mini Schnauzer. She is about half a year old. (she only has ribbons because she just came from the groomer)

Sorry everyone for randomly talking about my myself, I just love talking about my dogs :)
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Jim Morrison Dog
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